We are a family of five plus a little angel in heaven. While we’ve made our home in the United States, we have found a way back to our roots back to Bulgaria and hope to share the magic of wool with you and your family. Like most journey’s our path was far from being a straight line. It took our son’s diagnosis of a dust mite allergy and search for solutions to reduce dust to spark Silvia’s childhood memory of summers in the Rhodope Mountains, sleeping on wool mattress, pillow, and blankets. After researching through family and friends, we discovered the natural benefits of wool – both for comfort and cleanliness (naturally dust mite resistant.) While we awaited our baby girl, Raya’s birth, we ordered a co-sleeper and nursing pillow. She was taken to heaven on the very day the co-sleeper and pillow arrived. We would have to wait. A year later the co-sleeper and pillow are in full use by our daughter, Dara. While these items are a reminder of our loss, they bring us great joy in our daily lives. And they always feel like home. We hope that in some small way, our products feel like home to you. May you share in finding the magic of wool!

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