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  • Wrapped in Warmth: The Cozy Comfort of Wool-Based Baby Products

    As parents, we want nothing more than to provide our precious bundles of joy with the utmost comfort and care. From the softest blankets to the coziest clothing, ensuring our babies feel warm and secure is a top priority. That’s where wool-based baby products come into play, offering not only practicality but also a touch …

  • Babies, Sleep and Wool

    Let’s talk sleep, babies and wool. I need to start by saying that whoever said they wish they could sleep like a baby clearly had not had babies. I don’t know about your babies, but all our babies only wanted to sleep in my arms. And I love that! And I think that mom’s/dad’s arms …

  • Let’s Talk Wool. What Makes Wool So Special?

    Before the invention of synthetic fibers, wool was widely used in homes. Wool carpets, wool rugs, wool blankets, wool clothes and wool insulation were the norm. Wool provided comfort and lasted generations. Synthetic fibers were invented to make our busy lives easier. Synthetic fibers do not shrink or wrinkle.  And we might be able to …

  • Continued Mattress Care

    Continued Mattress Care We recommend using a mattress protector or our 100% Oeko-Tex certified puddle pad to protect the mattress. Leave the mattress free from any covers or toys for a couple of hours each day in order to release any moisture into the air and keep your mattress fresh. Occasionally vacuum the mattress to [...] More
  • Lanolizing Instructions

    For your Wool Roots Puddle Pad / Mattress Protector Lanolin is extracted from the wool. It is produced by the sheep to keep their wool coat fresh and clean. When the mattress protector is lanolized, it will become more water resistant and it will stay fresher for longer.   Dissolve around 1 tablespoon of lanolin in …

  • Silvia’s Story

    I went back in time to when I was elementary school age, spending my summers at my great grandmother’s house in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.

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